From Drawing to Personalized Stickers & T-shirts

Hi, my name is Madison and I am a sophomore at Upland HS. One of my hobbies is drawing in my sketchbook. I've been drawing for years and recently learned that I could take my sketches and transform them into personalized gifts at UMakers in Upland.

Let me show you. First, I scanned my drawing at home and brought the file into UMakers. I used Corel Draw to cleanup the scan and imported into the file into the Roland VersaWorks software on my USB.

Next, I used the handy copy tool and made a bunch of copies for all my friends :)

Then I sent the file to print on the vinyl cutter.

Roland Vinyl Cutter

After the print was finished, here is me posing with my stickers.

Next, I took the same design and made a t-shirt for a friend.

I used the Roland again but this time, I printed on transfer paper.