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Used a vinyl cutter to make letters for a sash

My daughter Madison is in 10th grade at Upland High School and is participating in National History Day (

Each year hundreds of thousand of students participate in this contest which involves researching a topic based on a theme and then presenting that research one of of five ways:

  1. Write a paper

  2. Create an exhibit

  3. Give a performance

  4. Develop a documentary

  5. Create a website

This years theme is "Taking a Stand" and Madison decided to give a performance as Emmeline Pankhust. Madison wrote her presentation and memorized her nearly 10 minute speech.

Part of her project involved dressing up for the role and this process included creating a sash that said "VOTES FOR WOMEN".

We contacted Rob Perhamus at UMakers to help us with the lettering. He created the file on Corel Draw and then sent it to print on the Roland VersaCamm. This machine is awesome. It is a large format vinyl cutter that you can use to print all sorts of things.

Lettering from Roland Vinyl Cutter

The above picture shows what the vinyl cutter produced.

We took the print home and then used transfer tape (looks like very wide masking tape) to move the images to the sash. We ended up with the following sash:

Final Sash from Vinyl Cutter

This morning Madison got up early and practiced her presentation. Yes, she is still in her pj's. The projector is on the table and the small screen we bought on Craigslist is in the living room.

Today she gave a spectacular performance at Upland HS.

Here is a picture of Madison showing the sash with her costume handing her research to the judges.

Of course, we also need the glam picture that is a closeup of the entire costume and sash.

Again super thanks to Rob for helping with the sash and of course Mom who helped pull the whole costume together. #MakerSpacesRule!

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