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Our classes/workshops are free- most often by private/tutored instruction

Before you get a membership you should read and understand our rules


Your recurring monthly membership rates will remain the same as they were, unless you cancelled/suspended payments, in which case you must pay a 1 time reactivation fee of $25

 *We run like a gym membership. They don't give refunds if don't go to the gym. The every other month type of user has not worked because the rent etc. still goes on.

1 time reactivation fee of $25




If you wish to get a new, 1st time membership, only these 2 options are available.

Like a gym membership, payments  are recurring monthly.

UMakers reserves the right to cancel memberships and not allow rejoining.


Adult Membership- $75/ Month, or add a friend for $50/Month




Electronics-Front Office only $50

Arduino, Rasberry Pi robotics, etc Only!  NO TOOLS other than our computers, conference room, electronic equipment station. 

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