We have the following memberships and payment options available for our makerspace.  As we are club(Like a gym membership) our memberships are for the future month ahead. As you would not attempt to ask a gym to refund memberships from previous months(because you did not go to the gym enough), please don't ask UMakers for refunds or attempt to say you were charged without your permission. If you do cancel, remember you are welcome for the month forward since your last payment. 

You may bring in your own materials. We also have many(but not all) materials that you can purchase for use for your projects on site.  While the cost of these onsite materials is marked up, it is often less than the amount you can purchase it for. Please pay for your materials with cash, Venmo or PayPal when you use them. 

UMakers reserves the right to cancel memberships. 


 Group/Organization Memberships

Because we would like to encourage collaboration and team work, we offer group discount memberships 







Student Memberships

Because we would like to encourage students to join the maker movement and our club, we offer student membership options


Regular Adult Membership
Monthly recurring adult membership options


Family Memberships

Maker Family memberships for up to 4 and over the age of 14. (We are not a daycare). An adult must be present to have access to the lab and tools. Family Memberships $150/Month




No membership plans. Pay $10 per 1/2 hour to use our space and tools.  This for those who do not wish to have a recurring-gym like membership. This plan is more like using a Kinkos computer workstation(they charge $24/hour) You may pay using cash, venmo or paypal 

Sunday electronics, arduino, rasberry pie robotics, etc Only  NO POWER TOOLS other than our electronic station. You pay $40 for a month of Sundays from 9 to 11 am, or $20 for a single session.  You may pay using cash, venmo or paypal