Meet your Makers Co-owner of @ksocksshop 🙌

Mike Lee's Products and Projects.


Starbirds 4stickers


Curtis Young winner of Cal State LA 2018 Business Pitch 

Alexander Isinhue

The Ministry of Peculiarities

Mike Working Dogs for Warriors

Libby George

IMicro Med Thermapatch World's Most Secure Wireless Thermometer

Valery's Etsy Store

Brent Chamberlain -Arduino Incubator-

Margaret's Etsy Store

Raphy's Etsy Store

Brittany's myminifactory 3d prints page

Pengvvin Callie's store

Zef's Be a Maker Club - A local makerspace startup that caters to those 5 to 13 years old.


Jackie Bell Johnson​

Conchi Sanford


Club ITF - Innovation Through Fusion


Connie Yu- Former UMakers Artist in Residence and Girl who will make the world a better place

Kennedy's Mini's

Lisa's Synthetic Hearts

Rob and Becky's Claremont Heirloom

The Claremont Heirloom features over 40 local artists, including some who create their items locally at UMakers. The Heirloom retails handmade jewelry, home decor, unique books and personalized gifts. Check out their custom work section and workshops they offer!


Major Contributors

Ignite is a full service marketing and advertising agency located in Ontario.


  • Chip Pearson Consulting:  Tormach PMC 440

Robotics and Sensors with C and Assembler Code


Dan Newman- Many 3D printers, Polar3d Cloud

Gabe Andaya- Laser, Replicator 1