Beer Taps for an Microbrewery in Los Angeles

January 22, 2017

The Indie Brewing Company located in Los Angeles contacted UMakers to 3D print custom beer taps in celebration for there upcoming 1-year anniversary.


You can visit the website at but you must be over age 21 to enter.   


The file was created in Sketchup and was sent thru our 3DHubs account (   By the way, you can have UMakers 3D print your files by using our 3DHubs account or simply giving us a call :)  We can often run small jobs in the same day or have a large run turned around in about a week or so, depending upon the volume of course.


We printed the file on our 3D printer Printrbot Metal Plus, one of the two 3D printers that we have at UMakers.

We then proceeded to print all the beer taps.